Summer is comming

Bali rattan furniture, Indonesia furniture
Pick Some Colorfull

It’s already on the begining of Augustand Summer is coming!
On sunny days, a garden building or other room  also provides welcome shade from the midday heat. Pick a calming palette of neutral and pastel shades, and colour wash timber cladding with pale leafy greens. There are a lot of choices and things to think about, but rattan furniture will be great choics for your summer house.

Indonesia furniture | Bali rattan | Bali furniture | Interior bali

Rattan furniture is fashinable nowdays, with a lot of style and combination. Natural rattan became much more popular than synthetic rattan, because of back to nature campaign. Here some ideas for your summer house with rattan furniture

Not only synthetic rattan, natural rattan furniture today also could be in many color. You can pick pastel shades or shocking color based on your house theme. It would be nice and fun to put red arm chair made from full natural rattan at the corner of your favorite spot for reading time. 
https://www.furnitureprojects.coPick Fashionable
Rattan furniture today could combine with any other material. From wood to iron material. The model and style also have upgrade and becoming more fashionable. Put some dining set with slim shape made from natural rattan combine with iron and have a fresh dinner time with your family . Great the sun shine, the warmth and the summer vibes with new-fashionable-fun rattan furniture to your home. And get along with happiness summer with your families. Have a great summer!

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