Living room with Tanzania rattan furniture set

Tanzania living room rattan furniture set

Tanzania living room rattan furniture set

Piguno Indonesia offers Tanzania living room rattan furniture set from Indonesia rattan furniture collections direct from Indonesia furniture supplier, furniture manufacture, decorative lighting and craft with wholesale, projects and retail prices. Rattan furniture near me

Tanzania living room rattan furniture set is Rattan Furniture, Living room furniture set from Piguno Indonesia rattan furniture collections.

Welcome to Indonesia furniture online, get our furniture catalog directly from Indonesian furniture supplier. For more detail product and description you can submit by Contact us or if you want fast response, you can add this product to quote below.

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Indonesia rattan, wholesale Indonesia rattan furniture, Indoor furniture wholesaleFind here many various Wholesale Natural Rattan Furniture. Here is the center of Indonesia rattan furniture manufacturers and wholesalers. We are Indonesia furniture suppliers to having business here and make a deal. Piguno as Indonesia furniture manufacturer, exporter, supplier of rattan furniture in Indonesia. Our best rattan furniture products began from our passion of beauty, being attentive to details, as well as prompt delivery. As one of the trust able rattan manufacturer we never lack of ideas to present furniture crafted from natural or synthetic rattan for any spaces of the house. At the very best prices, our exceptional products is perfectly matched for the indoor, patio, garden, even pool areas. We are has become a leader in Wholesale Indonesia Furniture export industry. We will provide you with passionate service to fulfill any requirement and needs to achieve customers satisfaction. Our managerial expertise, highly skill workmanship and creativity of our people will deliver a multi beneficial business relationship as well as high quality product. We are the qualified Wholesale Indonesia rattan furniture manufacturer, humbly hope that our team with good capabilities and good quality of product will give you the benefit of your business, as we are going to achieve it within our heart.

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Indonesia Rattan by Piguno

Indonesia Rattan, Natural rattan furniture, Indonesia rattan furniture

Piguno rattan process the best Indonesian rattan to be gorgeous furniture. Indonesia rattan material is the best rattan material in the world based on Solo, Java, Asia. Synonym of rattan furniture, can be wicker furniture, cane furniture, kubu grey, wicker cane, water hyacinth (water hyacinth and wicker rattan combination), banana furniture (banana tree and wicker rattan combination), sea grass furniture (sea-grass and wicker rattan combination). All synonym depend on people say.

Piguno are a leading Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of rattan furniture and other natural fiber materials such rattan, water hyacinth, sea-grass, banana leaf, abaca and croco. We are very experienced in exporting quality Indonesia furniture to around the globe since 1993. We have furnished hotels, villa or house project for wholesaler, retailer or interior designer from Asia, America, Europe and also Africa. Indonesia rattan.

Our best collections is exported to more than 50 countries in the world: Asia, USA, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Poland, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Portugal,Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Egypt, Bulgaria and more. We sell our products to many importer, wholesaler, store, distributor, projects and retailer in the world.

Piguno continually strive for excellence through timely innovative designs and professional artists. Because you are here, why don’t make a deal with the best?

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You are on the right place for furniture manufacture, decorative lighting & Craft for wholesale & Projects. We are based on Solo Indonesia. Below is some of our sitemap

Indonesia kids furniture by Piguno

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Piguno Indonesia provide best Kids Furniture  from Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer. If you require any item of Kids Furniture  not shown on here or perhaps an alternative size to that indicated as available, don’t hesitate to contact us related to shipping and payment or products price and services, our best customer service is ready to serve your requests kindly and fast response.

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You can buy base on our products listed or you have your own design, it depend on your desire. We can follow your Indoor home furniture project or Indoor hotel furniture project and Indoor Living Room designs.

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If you have any inquiry related our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us. furniture blog .

indonesia modern contemporary furniture by Piguno

indonesia modern  contemporary furniture

Piguno offers Indonesia contemporary furniture, Modern teak furniture manufacture Online direct from Indonesia furniture supplier, furniture manufacture, lighting, also craft with wholesale, projects and retail prices. Piguno as Indonesia furniture from indoor wooden furniture to rattan furniture, outdoor wicker furniture. We are an exporter, manufacturer of modern furniture and contemporary wood furniture from Indonesia.

Indonesia modern contemporary furniture

We have modern machines facility to produce best quality products and new designs. support by workers with decades of furniture making experience, we have proven our quality by consistently producing and exporting high quality teak modern contemporary furniture to all around the world. Find here many various Contemporary Furniture from Wholesale Indonesia Modern and Contemporary Furniture. Here is the center of Contemporary and Modern Furniture . We are a Indonesian furniture wholesale and suppliers of contemporary  and modern furniture. Having business here and make a deal.

You are on the right place for furniture manufacture, decorative lighting & Craft for wholesale & Projects. We are based on Solo Indonesia. Below is some of our sitemap

Indonesia colonial furniture by Piguno

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Indonesia colonial furniture, Dutch colonial furniture, Antique colonial furniture

Piguno offers Indonesian colonial furniture direct from a leading export furniture company and manufacturer located in Klaten, Solo, Central of Java. With more than 20 years experience in manufacturing and exporting qualified homeware and furniture to worldwide, we have been building a great reputation. It’s not only by maintaining product quality, we build our great reputation by maintaining great service and always keeps our characteristic – 100% handmade products.

For this range of furniture, that is Indonesia wooden colonial furniture design, we usually apply  NC finishing and paint in various colors on wooden material – we may provide the other kind of wooden finishing materials such as laquer, PU, etc. Sometimes, we also apply fine sanding. Furthermore we have a kind of wood stain wooden finishing range we called “washed” – by applying stain color (NC and/or paint) to furniture’s surface then wipe it. Beside, we also has a unique range of finishing named distressed. Our products, homeware and furniture in colonial style furniture, are made by a qualified wooden materials such as mahogany and teak wood. All products are handmade by Indonesian professional and experienced craftsmen.

Indonesia antique reproduction furniture manufacturer

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Indonesia Classic furniture by Piguno

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Indonesia Classic furniture, Java classic furniture

Piguno offers Indonesia classic Furniture direct from Indonesia furniture supplier, furniture manufacture, decorative lighting and Indonesia handicraft with wholesale, projects and retail prices. Piguno as classic furniture wholesale provides you our wholesale trade customer range furniture of shabby chic, antique reproduction style in unbeatable wholesale price.

Our classic furniture wholesale affect you as a king and queen in your comfortable palace by it’s original style, unique carving that reveals beauty and luxury, fine finishing touch, and high quality of upholstery. With your own creation, you may also combine classic furniture with modern furniture to go together in a harmony. Classic furniture for hotel.

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You are on the right place for furniture manufacture, decorative lighting & Craft for wholesale & Projects. We are based on Solo Indonesia. Below is some of our sitemap

Bali Contemporary and Modern Furniture wholesale

Bali furniture | Indonesia furniture supplier | Wholesale Bali furniture

Bali furniture, Indonesia furniture supplier, Wholesale bali furniture
Wisanka Indonesia with Contemporary and Modern Furniture products are represented in all major star hotels, restautants, and resorts worldwide. Further to that, we have worked with most major procurement groups and some of the finest design firms worldwide.
The experience gained from these encounters has helped to shape and improve our capabilities and the quality of our service. In addition to supplying furniture for hotels, we have several smaller projects, mostly owner operated, to which we have also offered our design services creating original styles for them.

Bali furniture

Finally, we, Wisanka as the qualified Indonesia furniture manufacturer, humbly hope that our team with good capabilities and good quality of product will give you the benefit of your business, as we are going to achieve it within our heart. We will assure that you are in right decision by choosing us, an excellent choice, and we will be very proud and happy to be part of your prime choice.
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Wholesale Indoor Teak Furniture Store

Wholesale Indonesia Furniture

Bali furniture | Wholesale Bali furniture | Furniture manufacture Bali | Indonesia furniture

Indonesia Furniture is a very luxurious home accessory. In addition, the furniture has many functions in our lives so that we can put all the objects, with ease. Now, we can see the development of furniture in several countries that have many unique features so that people confused for determining suitable style furniture for their homes. The furniture has different uses. Everyone wants to have furniture that has the best quality because it is more efficient. Internet is the best option to obtain more data about the furniture! You can find a variety of furniture designs are perfect for your home so that your house has an extraordinary beauty.

Wholesale Indoor Teak Furniture Store

Basically, furniture made from wood that can be shaped into many designs. You should know some types of furniture that you are not confused to determine the best furniture for your home. Several types of furniture are Contemporary Furniture which has the latest design. So, it is usually suitable for modern homes. The Colonial Furniture which has a rather old-fashioned design but it has a strong character. You can also choose the Leather Furniture which made from various kinds of leather so it has a smooth texture. The most popular choice is Rustic Furniture because it has high artistic value. You really need a good idea to determine the furniture in your house.

Furniture Bali, decorative lighting & Craft


Welcome to, your wise choice for high-end quality furniture and decorative lighting products with more than two decade experience in the industry. As one of the Indonesian furniture manufacturer, we continuously improve our strategy to create the highest level of customer satisfaction. We conduct a series of Research, Design & Development program to construct a business as well as products in which placing sustainability in the highest priority. The collaboration between Indonesian selected craftsmanship with legal and eco-friendly source of material, to balance our business activities and social responsibilities.

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Our experience in the industry has built a strong character in sustaining and steering our business activities. We keep maintaining growth positively in a balance business culture. Customer satisfaction is our priority and our team will happily work together with you to build a sustainable and mutual business relationship. Hard work, creative, innovative, and continuous improvement are the values that we apply to every element of our business as well as our products and services.

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In order to achieve our business succeed, we realize that society satisfaction should be prioritized by providing good quality products, excellent customer satisfaction, and maximizing positive impact for environment. The strong collaboration will lead to achieve the vision.

We are looking forward to becoming your strategic business partner.

Bali rattan furniture

Indonesia Rattan FurnitureRattan Kids FurnitureIndoor Furniture Bali

Welcome to, we are leading exporter and manufacturer of rattan furniture and natural fibers: water hyacinthseagrasskubu gray, banana leafabaca and croco in Indonesia with more than 18 years experience since we established 1993. We have many experience to furnish hotel project, home project for wholesaler and also retailer.
Every pieces of our rattan Bali furniture are using local materials, local cultures combine with handmade of local people, will give you unique touch of rattan furniture. We produce all items from rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, kubu gray, babana leaf, abaca and croco one by one carefully by hand from making frame, knitting weaving, making cushion and cutting glass. Its hand made could make slight different in items but that is what make its unique – only one and it is especially made for you.

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Our natural fibers and rattan furniture could brings naturalness from our nature and craftmanship from our people to your home and your family, comforting your life with natural furniture. Moreover, we use water base finishing system that are non toxic and eco-friendly which keep your family safe …Find your suitest rattan items to meet your desire here. Visit our new user friendly site at
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