Summer is comming

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Pick Some Colorfull

It’s already on the begining of Augustand Summer is coming!
On sunny days, a garden building or other room  also provides welcome shade from the midday heat. Pick a calming palette of neutral and pastel shades, and colour wash timber cladding with pale leafy greens. There are a lot of choices and things to think about, but rattan furniture will be great choics for your summer house.

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Rattan furniture is fashinable nowdays, with a lot of style and combination. Natural rattan became much more popular than synthetic rattan, because of back to nature campaign. Here some ideas for your summer house with rattan furniture

Not only synthetic rattan, natural rattan furniture today also could be in many color. You can pick pastel shades or shocking color based on your house theme. It would be nice and fun to put red arm chair made from full natural rattan at the corner of your favorite spot for reading time. 
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Rattan furniture today could combine with any other material. From wood to iron material. The model and style also have upgrade and becoming more fashionable. Put some dining set with slim shape made from natural rattan combine with iron and have a fresh dinner time with your family . Great the sun shine, the warmth and the summer vibes with new-fashionable-fun rattan furniture to your home. And get along with happiness summer with your families. Have a great summer!

Indonesia rattan furniture is full of the beauty of nature

Rattan is type of palm whose fibers can be applied to weave and create light weight garden furniture. Rattan is a preferred because it is eco friendly and ages gracefully. The design of the Indonesia rattan furniture is full of the beauty of the nature that bring out a lovely charm,

How do you think would a living room look without chairs and sofas? Moreover, how would you like to sleep on the rough floor after a full day’s work? If you think this is nigh mare attempt dinning on you laps? Indeed, it is extremely hard to imagine life without the furniture. Furniture has not just provided people with the comforts of life, but advantages the home as well. Thus, furniture items have turn into a part of every home, office, or space furnishing plans.

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However, in selecting the ideal furniture items that would not just complement your homes, but would provide you a run for your cash as well, certainly no one wishes to buy furniture that only last for a year or 2. With today’s hard times, it is vital to create practical purchase. With this thing in mind, deciding on the ideal furniture needs a number of reasons to consider. Moreover, it is vital to create a set of criteria that would help you identify the ideal furniture that suites your requirements and your budget.
One of the most famous furniture in these days is Indonesia rattan furniture. Although there’re several rattan furniture products in the market, the most preferred can furniture is that which arrive arrives from Indonesia. Rattan is the type of natural material applied in making of furniture’s.

Indonesia Rattan Furniture – Advantages and Tips for Buying

Elegant design- first reason to select rattan would be its lovely hand woven design. You wave it too smooth and tight, it breaks, wave it too loose, it sages, hence, it is the quality of work that goes onto starting this design that makes it durable.
Eco friendly- Indonesia natural rattan is made from fibers of a type of palm, it can be reclaimed too. Buy purchasing rattan stuffs, way you’re taking your 1st step towards not polluting your environment.
Designs- the fact that this type of furniture is made individual strands it can be bend into practically any kind of shape. It can be woven to suite a person’s particular needs.
Colors- rattan comes in natural shades of dark grayish-brown and pale-cream. This natural hue provides it the earth feel much required in outdoor areas.

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Maintenance- maintenance is extremely simple and does not need any special treatment. The single thing you need to keep in brain is rattan and cane cannot manage high dryness and humidity. So keep it out of direct sun light.
https://www.furnitureprojects.coSynthetic rattan- synthetic rattan is a latest addition to the non green furniture. All on this earth has imitation. Due to lack of the greenery and as an effort to save the environment, developers have come up with a mix of nature and aluminum. This is not so eco-friendly, but a remarkable replacement for the natural rattan. It is also cheaper than Indonesia natural rattan furniture. Since made of aluminum it is a light weight and arrives in same design as natural rattan.

Tips on buying

Since the demands are too high, the costs have rocket through the roof, so, do through a knowledge of each time of rattan furniture & and its prices before purchasing. Best would be to scout some stores both wholesaler and retailers. The way you’ll know what margin of difference is. Wicker, cane, bamboo, and rattan never go out of fashion. In addition they last long. So go in for a design and style that you’re simply like. There should be no compromise to it.
Look like for styles that have well many of fiber weaved into it. This will make sure that it stays last longer and does not sag or break below weight. Select designs that have a choice to include a cushion. Applying a cushion for the seat and back will make sure that cleaning is simply. Indonesia rattan furniture is the best eco friendly option conservatory. Create this elegant furniture a part of your collection now.
Rattan furniture has increased its popularity because many of reasons. 1st and foremost, rattan furniture is durable. This is so because natural rattan is completely filled with fibers that run though its vine. These fibers add to the strength of rattan creating furniture that is build from rattan durable and long-lasting. 2nd because the rattan is flexible, the flexibility of rattan creates this content extremely ideal for furniture items.

Rising Demand for Indonesia Rattan Furniture on the International Scene

In the past, Indonesia rattan furniture is applied mostly in tropical countries. However, in the last 2 decades or so, there had increasing interest in rattan furniture even in country like Australia. Rattan can be applied outdoors and indoors, but the reason why it s applied extensively in the hospitality sector, especially in resorts and hotels, is due to the fact that not just does it lasts and look fine, it is also able of providing a relaxed and tropical feel to the surrounding. It is extremely versatile and can be applied in conjunction with other content like wood, leather and metal to make chic and modern furniture.
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Several brands dealing with Indonesia rattan furniture also publicize their eco-friendly, making sure that rattan applied in the manufacturing are plantation grown and doesn’t hurt or endanger environment and the wildlife. Indonesia rattan furniture industry is extremely active one, with business transactions, spanning-literally across the planet. Since the raw material like rattan are grown in Indonesia and most of biggest furniture supplier in Indonesia like Wisanka are most high profile furniture maker in country and they provide their services all over the world. Making Indonesian rattan furniture is a craft and we have experienced artesian. You just need to select material, style and design and complete the rest to us.

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Optimizing Your Outdoor Space with Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Bali furniture | Outdoor wicker furniture | Bali Furniture supplier for outdoor hotel furniture | Indonesia furniture | Wholesale Indonesia furniture

Bali outdoor furniture, Bali garden furniture, Indonesia furniture

The outdoor wicker furniture can really turn your empty space into a haven. And just like what we know about the sanctuary, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your valuable time with your friends or family.

When it comes to the outdoor space, the options are almost endless. You can pick one from the pair of armchairs, rocking chairs in the garden, the chaise lounges, or bench nearby you’re poolside, or anything you like. And you can’t go wrong with the addition of outdoor wicker furniture.
Purchasing outdoor wicker furniture can be your best decision to decorate your house. These pieces offer many advantages in style, durability, strength, easy maintenance, and good quality. has every aspect we mentioned before. The pieces on our site are made of finest hardwood which can withstand the weather, no matter where you live. We are going to dissect the perks of outdoor wicker furniture from Indonesia Rattan Furniture.
The outdoor wicker furniture is extremely durable. The pieces we made will not crack, chip or splinter that easily. It is an absolute advantage which other materials can’t offer. It will not mildew when left outside in the rain. That’s why many tropical countries consider wicker as the main material to build their sturdy furniture pieces. This material can’t be worn off from the extreme weather like sun exposure, rain, snow, and others. This will remain in the prime condition for years. It will last longer than other hardwoods if treated well.

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The second perk which we’d like to highlight is that the easy maintenance of the pieces. Indeed, the outdoor wicker furniture requires low maintenance. It is very easy to be cleaned and does not take a long time. In many cases, you just need to prepare wet cloth and wipe them down. Since the pieces are put outdoor, the sun will naturally dry the outdoor wicker furniture pieces and they are ready to use in no time. This perk is praised by business owner since it can help to improve their productivity and efficiency. If you are planning to build your own restaurant, consider outdoor wicker furniture for your property’s terrace.
The third perk is irreplaceable. Wicker wood has such unique structure in which no other wood can match. You can find the most magnificent pieces of outdoor wicker furniture in the site gallery. Look at our images, and you will know what we meant. It has everything to transform your outdoor area into a real oasis. If you are not up to follow the mainstream, rest assured that the outdoor wicker furniture can work in any era. It has a timeless appearance which will not be dulled regardless the time. It might even surprise you to see the use of outdoor wicker furniture in most modern cafes in Asia, Europe, and America.The outdoor wicker furniture gives comfort, style, and durability. Coming across one which you love, you can be sure that it will be one of your best decisions.

There are plenty of online stores selling outdoor wicker furniture, but only few can be considered as good. But “good” is not enough if you want to preserve the elements for your outdoor use. You will need to find the “best” one like we provide in Indonesia Rattan Furniture.
The most selling outdoor wicker furniture pieces are those which are constructed from resin fiber. They are most selected by many homeowners as well as business owners since they often come as sets. The good thing about getting the outdoor wicker furniture set is that you will not have to plan the arrangement of the furniture since everything has been set by the manufacturer. These sets can actualize what you want with your outdoor space, whether turning it into public or private place.
You could decorate your garden, patio, poolside, or backyard with the wicker armchairswicker lounge chair, or dining sets. If you want to hold more social gathering events in your patio, make sure you add ample dining sets in it. You can also get the wicker pet furniture if you are living with your naughty but cute buddy. You can also get specific outdoor wicker furniture pieces which are ready to set or customized one to fit your specific requirements.
If you have an outdoor kitchen, you could add barstool, outdoor tables, as well as dining sets so that you will have such welcoming living area with a small bar. For such party with your friends, you won’t have to go to the nightclub or pub. You can invite the guests around and be showing off your outdoor wicker furniture and make them wowed.

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If it is your first time in decorating your patio, don’t you worry. We are ready to help you to brainstorm the ideas to make your patio magnificent. We have all weather outdoor wicker furniture setting sets and pieces which you can add easily to your outdoor area. That includes the gliders, rockers, and other functions without overlooking the color choices as well as the design selection.
You can add a number of outdoor wicker furniture to your outdoor area without feeling guilty since you can’t go wrong with our products.
Apart from conventional furniture pieces made of wicker, you can also find miscellaneous products which are designed to serve other purposes like baskets, planters, lamps shades, hampers, trunks, bunk beds, wall mounts, and much more. The pieces which are made of wicker are incredible and fantastic. The more you have space, the more beauties you will add to your patio.
You can always mix and match all the outdoor wicker furniture pieces since they have the same palettes. You can always combine one furniture with other, and you will be grateful in the process. Just make sure you measure your space first before adding any piece to it. Whichever piece you choose, you will have peace of mind that the outdoor wicker furniture will last longer and you won’t see it worn off anytime soon. The warranty is the proof that you have chosen the quality outdoor furniture sets. Only purchase from us to get the greatest pieces for your outdoor space.

Choose Right Furniture for Kids

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Are you looking for Bali kids furniture? If you are looking for durable and sturdy furniture for kids, you can go wrong with rattan for kids. They are durable, practical, sturdy and lightweight. Many people interest with Bali rattan furniture because it is comfortable and attractive. Kids rattan furniture are also versatile. These come in variety of designs, colors, size and shapes.

Rattan furniture from Indonesia rattan furniture is the best choice which can be used for kids room or kids playground. Available with modern and traditional style, you won’t be disappointed with the versatility of rattan furniture at all.  We also mentioned that the rattan furniture is lightweight. It means you can move around the furniture from and to anywhere you want in your house.
We know that something challenging to create space for our kids. Not only providing the decoration, but also arranging the right furniture for them. They need to have comfortable area for playing and sitting as well. It is great to know that your kids are able to enjoy their relax time with their favorite toys.

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Kinds of Kids Furniture

If you have a newborn baby, bassinets are actually required kids furniture for you. The bassinet are specially designed to provide comfort and warmth to your newborn baby. Rattan bassinet are lighter than wooden or metal box, so it will be easier if you want move it around for you to feed your baby. Rattan baby bassinet are mostly handcrafted.  The cushion and mattress are usually crafted adjusting the bassinet frame. So it is unique and impressing that will be an adorable yet functional stuff when the baby has grown and don’t use it anymore. Rattan bassinets actually have adorable looks which can suit your room.

A must have rattan kids furniture is rocking chair, to accompany kids when their playing time with their favorite animal. Animal Rocking Chair rattan furniture has been very popular for years, one of them is elephant rattan rocker. You can use rattan rocking chair in residential, resorts, hotels, even commercial buildings. The elephant rattan rocker is what you need to arrange your kids room to be lovable and playable. The handcrafted rattan rocker is made of high quality and save materials which was carefully chosen by the experts.

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Tips to purchase and maintenance Kids Furniture

When you purchase a rocking chair, there are several considerations to enhance your furniture arrangement at home. First, you will need to about theme and animal character that your kids want.  Second, the rocking chair must be accessible and often many often functions and benefits. You can be sure that the rattan kids furniture can cater to your needs and requirements. And last but no least, rattan animal rocker for kids is safe, comfortable, and fun for your kids.
Unlike the other wooden materials which demand complex treatments and preservative solutions, rattan furniture pieces will last for long period time without the mentioned maintenance. You can just dust the pieces with the brush and they will look better again. When the dirt attack, you can just wipe the surface with the mix of lukewarm water and mild detergent.

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Wisanka hospitality offers Bali decorative lighting, Indonesia decorative lamps, Lighting for hotel projects supplier, wholesale Bali lamps directly from Indonesia decorative lighting factory, wholesale & manufacture. Our main activities are manufacture and export of outdoor furniture and indoor furniture, as well as a wide range of high quality furniture products for the home living, restaurant, resorts, villas and hotel projects (FF&E). Contact us for more information related our products and service.

Lighting for living & Decorative lamp for interior design

Wisanka hospitality offers Indonesia lighting from table lamp, hanging lamp, wall lamp, standing lamp, floor lamp with wooden, shell, iron and other material.We support custom design lamp based on customer design for hospitality or private projects. Indonesia lamp manufacture.

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An online Indonesia lamp manufacture offers the finest Bali decorative lamp, table wooden lamp, hanging iron, floor decorative lamp, and Indonesia lamp factory. Wisanka has custom high decorative lighting cration. Our skilled craftsman use a combination of machine tools and hand made techniques to produce beautiful decorative lamp for indoor and outdoor lamps.

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With the world growth in many sectors including business across the globe, it gives good consequences for supplying facilities likes hotel, restaurant, resort, residences and public transportation. Activities that require traveling from one place to another impact the hospitality industries growing rapidly. These facts influence the expansion of furniture industries as well. Furniture for projects.

Aside from that, the rapid sale of furniture to worldwide markets including to the importer, wholesaler and retailer of furniture that has become a regular customer of Wisanka and also doing some series of hospitality furniture projects both locally and worldwide, that is why we conclude that in every new hotel built definitely need good furniture. That is why Wisanka Hotel and Resort furniture project exists to supply hospitality furniture. Furniture for hotel.

Bali knockdown prefabricated house by Wisanka Hospitality

Bali knockdown prefabricated house by Wisanka Hospitality

The luxury of Bali wooden living house

  Bali wooden house designDirect knockdown prefabricated house Bali
In recent times, wood has been seen as popular material for human environmentally natural building benefit. This idea gives one of the oldest building constructions a constant place in the art of architecture & design. The wood house has even become a new appearance of combining or liberating the old fashioned log or timber frame work into the modern version of it. Bali natural house factory.

Modern Custom Indonesia Wooden House Manufacturer

Bali Wooden house provides the elegance and warmth atmosphere that people always ask for. Compared to man made substitutes material, the concept of wood house creates the natural finish of living for the home owner. Earth tone found from the earth color and texture have emerged the impression to surface.
In addition to the impression of wood house as shelter, people feel more comfortable to live inside them than in brick or concrete constructions. Wood framing keeps the adjustment of homeowner indoor temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer. It means that wood is economical choice of low energy for alternative building material. Natural living houses factory from Asia.

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For deep tradition, the long history of the wooden house evolves the priceless legacy to the generation beside for its sustainability. It also can be an infestation for the next generations since the cost will be higher through time. However, to live close to the nature is something that you could not resist I suppose.

When you visit Bali island – Indonesia , don’t hesitate to contact us or just drop us your inquiry related about our products and services.

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We offer a range of interior design services, from early conceptualization through to final technical drawings ready for production.
Open a dialogue with our designers to find the right solution for you. Our team are here to lend their knowledge and guidance. Use our 3D services to create living visualizations of your dream project to allow you to test and explore your ideas before placing your order.
Bali furniture, Wholesale Bali furniture, Furniture for hotel projects, Bali furniture manufacture, Indonesia furniture
Furniture for hotel, Bali furniture, Indonesia furniture supplier, Furniture for villas projects

Wisanka Hospitality is recognized as a leading hospitality furniture manufacturer of hotel furniture in Bali island, Indonesia. We employ domestic and manufacturing to produce both custom and industry sound standards in the areas of: indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, rattan furniture & synthetic furniture, Bali decorative lighting, home decor, Bali interior design, tropical wooden house, Bali Knockdown gazebo, Indonesia timber house. Custom Bali wooden manufacturing is our specialty!

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    Wisanka hospitality offers Bali furniture, furniture for hospitality projects, Indonesia furniture supplier, hotel interior design, Bali interior, wholesale.

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    Wisanka hospitality as Bali furniture manufacture, Wholesale Bali furniture, Indonesia furniture supplier, Bali interior, Bali lighting, Wooden house.

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No matter small or big furniture projects, private projects, interior furniture projects, building furniture projects for new hotels, villas and resort. We do custom products in Indonesia furniture, decorative lighting, Indonesia timber house and custom wooden products.

We glad to discuss about your projects !!!

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Wisanka hospitality is Indonesia furniture manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia. Our main activities are manufacture and export of outdoor furniture and indoor furniture, as well as a wide range of high quality furniture products for the home living, restaurant, resorts, villas and hotel projects (FF&E). We produce our wooden and metal furniture in Solo & Jepara, Central Java while wicker furniture are manufactured in our factory in Cirebon, West Java – Indonesia.

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Bali decorative lighting, Bali interior, Indonesia interior design, Bali furniture 
Wisanka Hospitality is recognized as a leading hospitality furniture manufacturer of hotel furniture in Bali island Indonesia. We employ domestic and manufacturing to produce both custom and industry sound standards in the areas of: indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, rattan furniture & synthetic furniture, Bali decorative lighting, home decor, Bali interior design, tropical wooden house, Bali Knockdown gazebo, Indonesia timber house. Furniture for interior projects & Custom Bali wooden manufacturing is our specialty!

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We are committed each day to build furniture with quality materials by skilled craftsmen. A leading furniture manufacturer as well as supplier & exporter of huge range quality furniture, Wisanka Bali Furniture has been operating for more than 25 years, and is one of the leading furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. We are also recognized as one of hotel interior design companies in the Indonesia country due to our experienced in-house hospitality interior design team.

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Wisanka hospitality as Bali furniture manufacture, we are specialist furniture suppliers to hotels, resorts, interior decorators and designers, contractors and developers, villa owners, wholesalers and retailers of  teak wood furniture, rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture as well as soft furnishings, stone and stone carvings, synthetic rattan, teak outdoor furniture – we specialize in custom designs.

Wisanka Bali Furniture is a leading Indonesian furniture manufacturer in Indonesia
with more than 30 years of combined experiences in manufacturing and distributing high-quality furniture product

Wisanka is Indonesia furniture manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia. Our main activities are manufacture and export of outdoor furniture and indoor furniture, as well as a wide range of high quality furniture products for the home living, restaurant, resorts, villas and hotel projects (FF&E). We produce our wooden and metal furniture in Solo & Jepara, Central Java while wicker furniture are manufactured in our factory in Cirebon, West Java – Indonesia.

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